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How to login Netgear router or set a Fix password

So today’s tutorial is how to solve a problem where you can’t log in to your Netgear router or set a password. I know it’s well documented how you can actually log in to a Netgear router just like any other router I’ve come across, but sometimes I realize I have really serious problems logging in or even changing my password or other settings. The problem is that for some reason I can’t display the Netgear login page and for others, I can’t set a password.

Today’s post will show you how to fix or fix the most important issues that most users have after first trying to actually log in and change or set their password.

How can you log in to a Netgear router?

Let’s start by looking at how you can log in to a Netgear router. Keep in mind that in case of problems, these tips should also apply to other routers. The methods may be a little different, but for the most part, they should work the same way.

  1. Turn the router over and look at the bottom where you should see the Default Access Address with your username and password. In the case of Netgear this:

Default access:

Username: admin

Password: Password

Note: that if the above standards are, they can be changed by the router owner, see the solution below.

The most common problems with logging in to the router and how to fix them?

  1. The router’s login screen does not appear to me.

Sol: If you try to log in wirelessly and change the router settings, things will not work reliably. Connect the router via Ethernet or network cable to the PC and try logging in this way.

  1. As I can’t accept the default password on my router, it looks like someone changed the password and not me.

Sol:  No problem, it’s normal, find the reset switch, it’s a well-marked pin, take the pen as a paper clip and press the button on the pin. Hold for a few seconds until the router turns on and try logging in again with the default password and user. Resetting will clear the current password and router settings.

  1. I logged in well, but I couldn’t set a password. The router will not accept my new settings. The behavior is strange.

Sol:  That confused me for a moment with my router. You must use Internet Explorer or Edge Browser to log in. If you use one of the other nice new browsers, they don’t play well on most routers and you have all the settings that won’t stay the same when you try to customize them. So that it is not possible to log in.

  1. My router has some bugs and doesn’t work the way I want.

Sol:  After upgrading to the latest firmware, newer firmware is likely to be more robust and provide a better user experience.

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