Netgear Wifi Extender Keeps Disconnecting

Netgear wifi Extender Keeps Disconnecting? How to Fix?

There is no better equipment than a Netgear wifi range extender to use if you want to ensure that your house or workplace has a connection to the internet that is both reliable and quick. On the other hand, just like any other gadget, a Netgear extender could experience some technical difficulties. The difficulty that a Netgear Wifi Extender Keeps Disconnecting is one of the most common concerns that users may encounter during their time with the product.

If you are also dealing with an issue comparable to the one described above, then you can try the following approaches to problem-solving. The following is a list of potential solutions to the issue of your Netgear wifi Extender Keeps Disconnecting from the network. Feel free to test any of these until you find one that works.

Problems that may contribute to the ongoing disconnection of wireless internet connections

Let’s first discuss the factors that may have contributed to the occurrence of this issue before going on to the potential solutions that may be able to assist you in resolving it.

  • Wrong installation of Netgear extender
  • Making the mistake of connecting to the incorrect wifi network
  • Installation of the extension was not completed correctly.
  • Outdated version of the software that controls the device
  • Let’s not waste any more time; instead, let’s immediately start talking about the potential solutions to this issue.

Options for Addressing the Issue Where the netgear extender keeps disconnecting

The following is a list of potential remedies to the issue of the extension becoming disconnected that you can put into practice.

Make sure that your extender is connected to the appropriate wireless network.

Installing the gadget will result in the creation of a whole new, more extensive wireless network. This network is distinct from the one that came before it in terms of its nomenclature. You may have linked all the devices to the old network rather than the new one. This is a scenario that should not be discounted. As a result, you need to ensure that all of your wifi devices are connected to the new network with more space.

On the administrative dashboard, you may monitor all devices connected to your wireless repeater by entering the IP address This will allow you to do this. The list of connected devices will contain an entry for every device currently connected to your network.

Move Your Wireless Repeater to a New Location

  • The location where you keep your Netgear extender will determine the scope of the wireless signal it can cover. Maintaining your wifi extender in the following areas will allow you to achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • Keep a safe distance from all electronic devices found in refrigerators, microwave ovens, home security systems, and other Bluetooth gadgets.
  • It would be best if you also positioned your wireless extender so that it is not close to any ceiling fans, glass, mirrors, fish tanks, or concrete walls.
  • Keep a safe distance from any metal surfaces, including doors made of metal and aluminum studs.
  • Around an electrical outlet that uses AC.
  • If you maintain these locations with your wireless extender, you will not encounter any disruptions in the quality of the wifi signal. Additionally, it will assist you in overcoming the issue of the wifi extender continually disconnecting from the network.

Restart the device that you are using as a wireless repeater.

Sometimes the solution to these significant technical issues is as simple as restarting the device in question. The procedures that need to be taken are outlined below for you to successfully power cycle your Netgear wireless extender.

  • Put your wifi range extender into sleep mode.
  • Remove any of the cables that are connected to it.
  • Hold your horses for a moment.
  • After that, you’ll need to re-establish a connection between your wifi range extender and its power supply.
  • Activate the power supply to your extension.
  • After you have finished carrying out all of the procedures, check to see if the problem with the disconnection has been fixed. If the issue can be resolved, it would be fantastic. If that is not the case, then you should attempt to update the firmware on your extension.

Make Sure That Your Wireless Extender Has the Most Recent Firmware

If none of the aforementioned solutions are successful for you if you face the issues of the netgear extender not connecting. The next step is to check that the firmware on your wifi extender is up to date. If this is not the case, then perhaps this is the cause of the connectivity issues you are experiencing. If you discover that the firmware currently installed on your extender device is not the most recent version, you should immediately update the firmware.

If you are not aware of how to upgrade the firmware of your extender, then you should look at the procedures provided on the internet.
The solutions presented above are only a few of the potential solutions to the issue of your netgear extender not connecting to the internet from the network.

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